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From the moment I opened up the distraction free writing tool, I knew I was going to like it. Gone was the clutter of other writing tools, such as Microsoft Word, and in the place was the minimalistic ZenPen. Much like the old fashioned handwriting, the distraction free writing tool does not allow for many altercations, and in that way it felt nostalgic.  The distraction free writing tool, ZenPen, was streamline in its use; I was able to open it up and begin the writing process immediately. There was a certain grandiose quality to writing in the distraction free writing tool, especially when I inverted the color scheme.

The option, in the top left-hand corner, to make the tool fullscreen, was a great way to make the web browser a distraction free writing space. With the writing tool taking up the entirety of the screen, I became more focused on the writing process,and I felt less inclined to check social media. It was also a great way to just write what came to mind, without worrying about what I was writing or who would read it. Much like how I watch videos in full screen, I delighted in the fact that the entire screen was mine to write on.

The fact that the program had only four options to chose from really helped to learn all of the features of the tool, as well as allowing the writer to spend more time on writing. With this tool, the reader does not have to go through and spend all that time choosing the font and the size of the font and such, they can simply select to have it fullscreen or not, chose to invert the background, and finally set the target word count. Though there is no option for font style, text alignment, or numbering lists: all things I enjoyed having in other writing applications, I enjoyed that ZenPen just allowed me to write. The feature that inverts the color was a great option for those who do not like writing on a white page, or simply find that boring.

While writing on the ZenPen website, allowing myself to elaborate on my writing, I found that I wanted to continue writing and found the process to be enjoyable. I also found myself focusing less on outside distractions, such as phone calls and text messages, and focusing more on reaching the target word count limit that I set for myself, which was 200 words. It did not take even fifteen minutes for me to learn the new application and get my target number of words.

Prior to the distraction free writing assignment, I was unaware of the existence of distraction free writing tools, however I feel fortunate that I have stumbled across them. They make short writing bursts easy to focus on and allow creativity to flow. They make writing about writing, and not about the show. I will continue to use the distraction free writing tools as a way to get rid of writer’s block and focus on the writings themselves.